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Peruvian Artist & Astrologer

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Born in Peru and grew up most of my life in Lima, I was raised in a catholic home, studied in an Opus Dei -only boys- school, went to a catholic university and questioned all my life if God existed. Of course growing up in such dogmatic surroundings my first answer was NO, but life itself constantly pushed me to question my beliefs, to try new things, to learned all I can, to experience anything that makes me feel alive...and then in time that answer changed. YES I believe in God, but not the God I was told, I believe in the energy of the universe that unites us all, from what we come to what we become.

I believe we are all connected through the energy of Love, no matter the shape, gender, race, religion, ideology or so, I believe we are born unique individuals to experience life as separate humans beings but understanding we are all one with the universe.

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